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Exploring the Bible A site dedicated to a Bible learning course that in 25 easy and interesting lessons takes the student through the complete Bible from Genesis to Revelation, showing the true message of the Gospel.
The Bible Magazine This site. located in North America, deals with Bible prophecies and the imminent Return of the Lord Jesus Christ.  It discusses current world events in the light of Bible prophecy and their relevance to believers.
Wikipedia - The Christadelphians This is the “standard” on-line encyclopaedia for just about any subject on earth.  It is a reasonably independent assessment of the Christadelphians and what they believe.
This is Your Bible This site is a general purpose repository for information about the Christadelphians and their beliefs.  It is particularly directed at providing comment on many Bible subjects and world events as they affect Believers today.
A Large Array of Online Booklets from the Office of the Christadelphian Magazine This is a unique collection of FREE online books on many, many Bible subjects published by the Christadelphian Magazine in the UK.  The reading material is easy to follow and yet is very extensive - RECOMMENDED.
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